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Aug 22, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak

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Salam Ya'll,

Ramadhan is back, and i've been on hiatus for the longest time...since we are all friends and buddies, let me update on what has been up~ ahe..hem...

Since my last post, i was busy with exam, finished it...and i got straight on job zone (Alhamdulillah...) and since then, its been a little hectic. And i think MUJA will continue on being on hiatus untill the end of the year, (i'll explain soon...hint:bells!) but InsyaAllah (God Willing; and keep your faith strong) MUJA will be back on track next year. I have to look for new tailor and new design and ideas next stay on with us, loyalty pays...(hehe) Thank you so so much for the support you guys have shown..thanks for much nice words in the email...JazzakAllahkhairan everyone~ love you heaps!!

This is my favourite month of the year and i wish the best for everyone...lets hope this Ramadhan brings much faith in our heart, much love in our soul...

Peace @ Salam,

Apr 22, 2009

Vintage bags series are back for season 3!

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Assalamualaikum ya'll!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, i'm a little busy with my finals right now...and since this is my final semester, it is really taking most of my focus, so my make du'a for me that i'll get through this (with flying colours...insyaAllah)
but nonetheless, i dont intend to intrude into your emails just with my 'busy' speech...i have suprises...vintage bags!!! I cant upload much right now, just enough for those who MISSES MUJA...hehehe...Do check out at our MUJA SALES link to view more Vintage Bags Collection Updates...Thanks for supporting MUJA! love you guys...

Peace + Love,

Feb 15, 2009

Pinafore Piece

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Salam Sisters,

Do you hate it when shirts/tshirts just shrinks (yes, we dont grow...they just shrink) and you just hate to throw them away? or some shirts fit so well but they're too short to cover those bums? Worry no more...i have the perfect solution...Pinafore!!

I'm newbie in being a hijabi and, i found a great solution for my too-short and too-tight top (than throwing them away of course)...but nontheless...non hijabi's can still wear em and look oh so cute pairing em with pair of black leggings and maryjane (eg molly sims)

Black and grey for now...maybe khakis soon? dont forget to subscribe...

*grey-SOLD OUT

*black-SOLD OUT

Plain Basic Shirt

Posted by Muja Clothes

Salam Everyone,

Presenting...*drumroll* our first design for our first collection, nothing beats the old plain basic shirt! For now, i only introduce 3 colours...and nope, there's no such thing as re-stocking/re-ordering/re-sizing. What you see, is what you get...I wish i could get my design mass produced, but with your support, insyaAllah it could be possible *grin*

I would try to update other design soon, as soon as i could get a breather-kinda busy with school right now. But, enjoy the Plain Basic Shirt and do give me your feedback...

Much Du'a and Much Love!




Jan 31, 2009

Houndstooth's back ya'll!

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Salam sisters, guys went majnoon (cray-zee) on those bags! Thank You for the huge support and warm comments...JazzakAllahKhairan *hugs*...Don't forget to Subscribe AND be a MUJA lover (follow this blog to be one)

Well, anyway...there's some of you who requested on more Houndstooth Shawl. Sadly, Houndstooth shawl collection from the first feature is no longer available. BUT...*grin* i have found a new houndstooth design with cool colour to turn that frown upside down. Tell me if you want to see more, okay girls?

Jan 29, 2009

Muja Vintage Selection

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Salam and Peace sisters!

Okay, i know i'm waay behind schedule with the launching...well, i need your prayer too on this, let us all make du'a and best wishes to my lovely tailor so that she will get well soon. I can't promise and be sure when the whole collection will be done, insyaAllah...i hope by next month.

and for the good news!! for the holidays, i found myself with truck loads of vintage handbags that is all the rage now...well, i love them! another reason why i should share with all you sisters!! and its a bargain...get it while its on the shelf, because it unrestockable and *psst* i think i even snagged some original vintage if you know what i mean...tihihi...And it is ALL HERE!!

check out our vintage collection on our MUJA SALE! section for other series coming soon!

REMINDER: Do follow MUJA blog for any updates and dont forget to subscribe!

p/s: note the orange top the model is wearing? That's MUJA original piece...a sneak peek on what's coming...tell me if you like it yeah?

Jan 1, 2009

Welcome 1430/2009! Happy New Year...Ya'll

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Salam everyone!

We just crossed to 1430/2009 and praised to Allah for all the blessings throughout the year. I know everyone is just wondering...Where's the clothes, ja? hahha...i know i know, my tailor told me, i'll be getting em this weekend, insyaAllah. I mean, you gotta understand...i'm trying to get things right for all of ya', yes...its coming!
but in the meantime, i would like to say Thank You to all my friends and family who has supported me in making MUJA come true. May 2009 brings more blessing, growth and love to all of us from Allah...

JazzakAllah khairan Ya'll...