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May 11, 2010

Tailor Wanted!

Posted by Muja Clothes

Salam Ladies,

It's been on so soo long! i know, i'm truly am sorry for the long hiatus. I will explain, it seems that my previous tailor had so much to handle. She was obviously a very good tailor, meticulous on details and pretty much in the same wavelength on what i want on MUJA clothes. I am a very 'cerewet', its been really hard looking for a good tailor especially having a pretty skillful one before (she's innai boutique's tailor..go figure). My family and friends keep asking what's going on with MUJA, and saying that it is on hiatus creates a lump in my throat. I'm still looking for a full time tailor, a partner perhaps which love to sew and design. Especially with cotton, colours and button!~

So, sister...please be and bear with us, don't go anywhere. InsyaAllah, by His will and your support we will be back in business in no time...*much prayer to Muja*

Salam + Love,